Bauer Nexus 6000 Shoulder Pads – Medium
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Bauer Nexus 6000 Shoulder Pads – Medium



Product Description

Placing just behind the Nexus 8000 Shoulder Pads are the 6000s. These middle-of-the-line pads are constructed in a similar fashion to their bigger brother but with HD Foam instead of EPP Foam.

Your sternum, chest, spine and kidneys are well protected with the impervious HD Foam, which also reacts well to every body movement you can make. Stick-handling, deking, passing and shooting are not hindered after you strap on the 6000s. Your shoulders receive top-notch protection, too, with injected caps that feature PU foam. This keeps down the bulkiness that you receive with some shoulder pads.

Complete with a classic fit and a multi-segmented design for maximum flex capabilities, the Nexus 6000 Shoulder Pads are just what the doctor ordered – something that will keep you away from the doctor.


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