Bauer Supreme 170 Shoulder Pads- Medium
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Bauer Supreme 170 Shoulder Pads- Medium



Product Description

The Bauer Supreme line is a widely popular and successful protective line. Known for its supreme coverage of the body, the supreme line helps set the pace for protection as well as ventilation and strap lock system. The Supreme 170 Shoulder Pads offers good protection for a price-conscious customer.

The Supreme 170 Shoulder Pads are the third-best model in the Bauer Supreme shoulder pad line. The perks and features are not as advanced as the MX3 or the 190’s but they still protection the player and do not restrict movement. Starting with protection, the shoulder cap has injected cap with PU foam to help absorb the shock. The sternum is protected by molded vent armour foam while the spine is guarded by HD foam and PE insert. Front side panels and back kidney panels are constructed with HD foam. A removable MD foam belly pad gives you the player the option of additional protection or more freedom of movement. This feature was added to provide a customized feel. The overall fit for the 170’s is an anatomical feel.

The arm strap system uses a hook and loop closure to ensure you can worry about the play and not readjusting your shoulder pads. Lastly, the shoulder pads use a hydrophobic mesh liner to help wick sweat away and keep you cooler, longer.

The Supreme 170 Shoulder Pads are great for any player who does not need a top-of-the-line shoulder pad but still protects the key areas of the upper body.

Removable Stomach Pad: Yes Does it have a removable stomach pad?
Sternum Plate: Molded Vent Armor foam Protective material covering the sternum.
Spine Protection: HD foam & PE insert Protective material covering the spine.
Biceps: Adjustable height Type of design and/or protective padding of the bicep.
Shoulder Cap: Injected cap with PU foam Type of design and/or protective padding of the shoulder cap.
Liner: Hydrophobic mesh Material that lines the interior of the product.


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