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So You Want To Play Hockey?

By Jen 0

You’re here because you’ve got the bug, you’ve seen it on the big screen, you’ve been to an AIHL or AWIHL game and you’ve thought to yourself, I want to try that.

At first glance you might think taking up hockey as an adult is a little intimidating. Every NHL’er has a story of how they have been skating since they could walk. I’m here to tell you that it’s ok if you weren’t born on a frozen lake with ice in your veins; the Coaches at Next Level are here to help you find your groove.

Hockey is one of the best sports to take up as an adult beginner because there is a skill set you can learn before you ever sign up for a team. Next Level is here to help you gain the skills you need and before you know it you’ll be ready to hit the ice for your team!

Let’s cover off the basics;

I can’t skate!

Ok, get on the ice. You can start with a learn to skate sessions at Oakleigh  or some public skate sessions at Docklands. Ask a friend to come with you. If your friends are afraid of a little frozen water then tell them to let it go or hit up the Next Level Facebook Page. Once you have found a little confidence then call us.

Charlie Delta 3: Intro to Hockey Specific Skating, is a great place to start, I’ll go into what makes CD3 great and what you’ll get out of it more in my next post. This is where it begins for everyone. What are you waiting for?

I don’t have any gear!

You don’t need to go buy every piece of gear before you begin, Next Level have a gear room where you can borrow helmets, skates and everything in between!

When you feel comfortable and start to want your own gear Tony & Joey, will help you find the gear that is the right fit and price for you.

I can skate! I’m the speed demon of the public skate

Charlie Delta 3: Intro to Hockey Specific Skating. Emphasis on Hockey Specific. You’ve got some advantages but you’ll probably need to unlearn some bad habits.

Trust me – start with Charlie Delta 3 you may progress to intermediate a bit faster than others, but you’ll gain some basics that you’ll need to build on.

I’m an in-line magician!

Charlie Delta 3: Intro to Hockey Specific Skating. Sorry if I’m sounding like a broken record. In-line is a bit different to Ice in ways you may not expect, and in quite a few ways you will. Come along to CD3 and if you turn out to be too cool for school the guys will move you into the Intermediate class.

Any questions? Drop us a line or stop by the Facebook Page

Up next: Charlie Delta 3 – The lowdown

author: Jen


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