Welcome to Next Level Hockey Australia. We are Victoria’s first ever privately operated ice hockey company We have a variety of services that we are specialised in that enables our business to give you a total hockey experience. We continually find ways to get better using our “Next Level Way” to improve all aspects of our coaching, mentoring, fitness, hockey classes, ice hockey products and servicing for you.


Is enhance and promote the sport of ice hockey in Australia by offering the best technical instructions and products in aspects of the gam, while incorporating a fun learning environment to get athletes to the NEXT LEVEL. Our goal is to develop and attract new talent; to support emerging new players; and to advance the sport to its full potential in Australia, by leading the industry with the best services and best development environment.

Next Level Hockey Australia was founded to assist athletes, fans, parents, and coaches to promote and increase understanding of the sport of ice hockey in Australia and the Asia Pacific. We have 27 years experience in delivering hockey related services.

Our programs are integrated with the junior development framework at local, state and national levels. They are designed for private groups and individuals, and they also provide professional training opportunities for players, coaches and whole teams participating in national and international tournaments. Strategically integrating professional with the IIHF framework we already have, is a cornerstone of a sustainable and internationally competitive future for the Australia.


This is our approach to life and hockey it defines who we are and drives us to excellence as people and business. The philosophy is simple as it ties directly with our name, Next Level Hockey Australia. The “Next Level Way” means to always strive for something greater then what is achievable by taking a holistic approach to everything you do. No mater what level you are you can always improve on something in your development as an athlete and person.