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Make your last stride as quick as your first and leave your opponent in the dust with the new Bauer Vapor 1X Senior Ice Hockey Skate. New for 2017, the Bauer Vapor 1X skate builds upon the concepts that made the 2015 1X line one of the top skates on the market with new improvements for unmatched speed and quickness.

The Bauer Vapor 1X skate will still be constructed using the ultra-lightweight Curv® composite material, which reduces the overall weight of the skate while keeping the durability, strength, and support that players are used to with the top end skates. The X-rib pattern will continue the heel and ankle lock design to keep the skaters foot in place for quicker crossovers and tighter turns. The top of the 1X skate will also feature Bauer’s Comfort Edge padding, which alleviates high ankle abrasions that can happen with a stiffer boot.

New designs on the Bauer Vapor 1X skate further the locking features to make the 1X feel like an extension of your foot. The Vapor 1X boot will still keep its tapered fit, with its narrow heel and standard toe, but with a redesigned quarter panel. Next, the ankle of the skate will be moving from the older fit to a new asymmetrical fit. These design changes on the Vapor 1X will better align the skate with the player’s natural ankle position. Adding more to the inside ankle of the Vapor 1x skate not only makes the skate fit better and more comfortably, but give more for the skater more push off on.

Continuing the locking theme of the skate, Bauer introduces its Lock-Fit Pro facing and liner, along with the Flex-Lock Pro tongue. The Lock-Fit Pro liner is specifically designed with two parts to not only keep your foot dry, but in place throughout the game. The lower part of the liner will have a more locking grip, and the upper will have added material in the high wear areas of the ankle. The injected Lock-Fit facing features a softer flex and reinforced lace locking system to keep the laces from losing their form during the game. The tongue contains thermoforming inserts to provide increased protection over a traditional tongue, while allowing a locked forward flex to help provide maximum speed. The back of the tongue will also feature the same liner as inside the skate to help keep it locked onto the skater’s foot. These new features will not only lock the player’s foot in place, but allow a better forward flex needed to achieve a faster speed.


  • Vapor’s signature X-rib design (seen when looking at the rear of the boot) enhances performance for unparalleled response by providing strategic support throughout the ankle. The result is quicker acceleration and better stability through each stride.
  • Curv™ composite heel and ankle core
  • Provides lightweight and premium support, stiffness and longevity
  • LockFit Pro Lacing System
  • Strategically softened to allow for a better attack angle, foot wrap and overall durability
  • One-piece design makes it lighter and 33% easier to forward flex compared to a traditional eyelet system
  • 2nd-7th eyelets from the top feature lace-locking, t-shape to keep the skate laced tight throughout the entire game
  • AnaFormable (thermoformable) uppers for an unparalleled customized fit
  • Skate Laces:
  • Unwaxed Bauer Vapor Skate Laces
  • Liner:
  • LockFit+ Pro dual-zone grip liner
  • Based off the most popular liner made for Bauer pro’s
  • Improves heel and mid-foot lock to reduce foot slippage
  • Very abrasion-resistant to ensure premium longevity
  • Upper portion is tackier in order to better lock the foot into place
  • Lower portion is softer for premium comfort
  • Comfort Edge wraps that help to alleviate high-ankle abrasion from the stiff quarter package
  • Anti-wear liner patches to prevent wear and tear from shin guards
  • Ankle Padding:
  • Lightweight memory foam
  • Tongue Construction:
  • FlexLock Pro 52oz, three-piece felt with thermoformable composite reinforcement
  • Composite patches on the top of the tongue provide 30% more protection
  • Thermoformability allows for a complete, 360° customized fit
  • Softer design enables players to get into a more effective attack, better forward flex and a more locked in fit
  • Footbed:
  • Anaform Speed Plate with Ortho-resin Technology
  • The product of cutting edge research and design that enhances balance, improves energy transfer and increases overall agility
  • Fully thermoformable to precisely fit to the bottom of the foot
  • Arch-area adapts to the player for personalized support
  • Heel cup forms for better heel-lock and stability
  • Marries up the outsole and “footbed” for maximum energy transfer
  • Outsole:
  • Full Lightweight Composite with exhaust vents
  • Rigid and stiff design maximizes energy transfer through each stride
  • Vents allow the skate to expel moisture out of the bottom of the boot
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
  • Tuuk LightSpeed Edge Holder
  • Most popular holder in the NHL due to the innovative trigger system that allows broken or damaged runners to be swapped out in seconds
  • The front and rear posts are 3mm taller than traditional holders, providing one of the most aggressive turning radius’ on the market.
  • Tuuk LightSpeed LS4 Steel Runners
  • Bauer’s premium steel with pro-preferred height, allowing for more custom radius options and a longer overall sharpening life
  • Higher grade steel that holds an edge longer
  • 10′ Radius
  • Weight of a Size 9D skate: 840 grams (+42g for a SpeedPlate Footbed)

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