Glo Sauce Hockey Stick Wax

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Glo Sauce Hockey Stick Wax 

The same great performance as legendary Snap Wax, but it also gives off a great scent that fights bad odor while also adding visual pop to your stick’s blade!

Glo Sauce helps step your stick game up by creating more adhesion between your blade and the puck. In turn, you get better puck control, toe drags and sick sauce. Wax is intended to keep the ice off of the blade, protecting the stick and tape, but unlike other waxes Glo Sauce doesn’t harden so you get cushioned feel of the puck, increasing the overall puck feel. The wax is infused with micro-flex beads that help grip onto the texture on the side of puck so when you pass or shoot, the puck spins easier, which in turn will be more accurate due to less resistance.

  • Details: 
    • Stick wax to increase puck feel and aid in stick handling, shooting and passing
    • Utilizes micro flex beads that grip on to the textured side of the puck to facilitate spin
    • Doesn’t freeze like other stick wax so it creates a cushioned feel for the puck, increasing puck feel
    • Each color has a different scent
    • Made in the USA by the company who produces Snap Wax

Blue, Pink, Orange