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The True A4.5 SBP has the same technology as the 6.0 and 5.2 stick models, with a slightly heavier weight of 445 grams. True one-piece construction delivers an incredibly balanced stick, giving it a lightweight feel in your hands. Players of every level will appreciate the solid performance of the A4.5 stick.

Axenic Technology is a patented process that produces a compression moulded shaft for an incredibly consistent wall thickness and shape, giving the True A4.5 sbp hockey stick a seamless design that amplifies both the balance and durability. SmartPly Technology optimizes up to 25 layers of carbon fiber, positioning them in the same direction. The way in which the fibers are angled strategically controls torsional stiffness. This process also provides that stick balance players are after, and also maximizes the strength of the stick.

SmartFlex optimizes the stick for all shot types, whether you want to snipe a killer wrist shot, or blast your best slapshot. A 100% 3K fiber core is supported with fiber glass for a gradual mid-point kick that’s easy to load. True has also incorporated BRT; seamless carbon fiber tubes are braided and pressurized to create a consistent and powerful blade on the A4.5 SBP. BRT technology increases the strength of the blade by 50% so you can take your hardest shots without worry as the A4.5 SBP maintains its stiffness, pop and feel.






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