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New for the 2018 season is the True A6.0 HT Senior Hockey Stick. The HT stands for “Hair Trigger” and is True’s first iteration of a low kick-point stick. Thanks to an improved blade and a decrease in weight, this is True Hockey’s most advanced stick to date!

Appearance wise, True has stuck with their traditional colorway. At the top of the shaft is the True logo in a sleek gray color. Moving down to the middle of the shaft is the A6.0 HT logo in a white and blue finish. Towards the lower third of the stick, there is another True logo in a silver finish.

For the design of the True A6.0 HT Senior Hockey Stick, True stuck with their signature “Axenic Technology,” which is a molding process that eliminates any voids within the shaft of the stick and allows for a true one-piece design, thus giving you a consistent and balanced stick.

This molding process is paired with True’s SmartPly technology. Thanks to the 25 redistributed inner layers of carbon fiber, stick weight is decreased, all while giving it added durability. Not only does this keep your stick lasting longer, but it creates an optimal swing weight.

Moving to the blade of the True A6.0 HT Senior Hockey Stick, True went with their patented BRT+ blade technology. For this iteration, they have improved on it even further. The braided tubes have been further extended into the heel, giving you superior feel and control of the puck, along with added durability.

The True A6.0 HT Senior Hockey Stick is True’s first attempt at entering the “low kick-point stick” market. The kick-point is at the bottom third of the shaft, perfect for the players who generate most of their power with their wrists, and who take most of their shots right around the hashmarks.

Weighing in at a remarkable 412 grams, partnered with its industry-leading swing weight, this stick is one of the most advanced on the market! If you are a player who wants an elite-level stick that provides lightning-quick wristshots and snapshots, look no further than the True A6.0 HT Senior Hockey Stick!