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The True A 6.0 HT stick is the replacement for True’s great A 6.0 SBP. By improving the balance by thinning out the paddle and lowering the kick point, as well as including True’s great BRT+, Axenic and Smartply technologies True has created a stick that plays like a foam core but performs, and weighs as much as a composite.



    • BRT+ – Braided Rib Technology


    • Axenic Technology


  • New lowered kick point for improved kick and playability
  • The True Hockey A 6.0 HT is a continuation of the successful A 6.0 SBP line that it is replacing. It retains the same three technologies — Axemic Technology, Smartply and Braided Rib Technology — that made the A 6.0 SBP great, while redesigning the low kick point to provide the feel of a foam core stick with the pop, durability and performance of a composite.

    TRUE’s Axenic Technology is a patented (US Patent 6,893,596) compression molding process, which makes their shafts taper to a dimension that is thin enough form the heel of the blade. Axenic Technology co-molds the blade and paddle to the shaft, creating a true one-piece composite goal stick. Smartply is the laminate that is used on the A 6.0. Using up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in just one shaft, the fiber angles influence the flex, torsional response and impact strength of the shaft. Braided Rib Technology (BRT) is a patent pending technology that binds the front and back faces of the blade with a continuous carbon fiber braided tube. BRT results in a stronger, more consistent structure.

    The new redesigned Hair Trigger A 6.0 removed some material from the bottom of the paddle thinning out the stick in the process. By moving this material, the balance point shifts upwards creating a better balanced stick with increased puck handling capabilities. This movement also creates a flex much more similar to a player stick, which helps with pop and release

Paddle Length

26 inch